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Creative Food Packaging Ideas

When you’re trying to sell a food product on the market, almost more important than how the food actually tastes is the outer packaging that contains it. With so many products and competitors out there, it is truly important to differentiate your product and make sure it stands out to the casual consumer. As consumers are bombarded by advertising and the classic designs thousands of times a day, we look out for food packaging that is creating and engaging, but does not assault the eye.

Truly, your product’s packaging tells the consumer what your product’s message is, and by extension – what your message and identity is. Keep on reading for some examples of creative food packaging ideas that caught our eye and pushed out a great message.

Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

While there is something to be said for the right messaging in your food packaging design, this one is pure beautiful design. The detailed and rounded design denotes that this is a premium brand and the Spanish-style tiles and design on the labelling create a connection with the product’s Spanish roots. Positioning itself as a luxury brand, the simplicity of the design and lack of wording is on brand.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate wrappers, especially in North America, have a pretty distinct and, unfortunately, standardized wrapping design. If you walk into your local convenience store and peruse the chocolate aisle you’ll find the same thing – two colours, food wrapping with the brand name in big letters, a slogan and nutritional information on the back. Mast brothers has broken away from that concept with their creative food packaging and has designed their product packaging with vintage wrapping paper in mind. We love these designs, as they’re reminiscent of today’s fashion brands experimenting with fresh patterns and designs.


Vigilant Eats Superfood Containers

Another product that breaks away from the mold – many instant food packages go with the family friendly or tradition heavy packaging models, while Vigilant Eats has gone the other direction, taking a minimalist style reminiscent of a blueprint. As an instant breakfast food, this product pays attention to its target audience (see: people in a rush in the mornings) and creates a no-nonsense packaging style that incorporates a scientific style. According to designer Eric Kass, the style is “simple, clean and powerful, relating to the healthy, pure ingredients and [the] cause-oriented stance of the company.” We love this product because it truly understands how to target your audience through your food packaging, the right way.

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Goode Company Food Packaging

Goode Company is a Texas-based smoked meat and sweets company that specializes in BBQ rubs and sauces, smoked meats, handmade pies and a variety of meat spices. For a company with that old school, home made feel, we thing it’s great when the packaging also matches that old-school feel. At only 35 years old, Good Company has done an excellent job at making their brand feel much older than that, creating a sense of heritage and history with their food packaging.

Final Word

Creative food packaging is about delivering your message in a way that is pleasing to the eye and will make your brand stand out to the average consumer. We’ve discussed a few examples and why we think they’re so great but there are hundreds of amazing and creative food packaging ideas out on the market right now and HOPACK is one of the company based in Brisbane. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned here for more excellent ideas.